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Student testimony:My experiences applying for the Turkey Scholarship by GM

03.03.2017  |  1 Comment

  Now that the Scholarship is open what next? The application for the Turkey scholarship opened on the 1st of March 2017 online (on the official page). … Continue Reading

The Road not taken…

11.05.2016  |  No Comments

As Student X we will be holding an event on the 26th of November 2016 dubbed the Post A Level Rally targeted at persons just finishing their … Continue Reading

3 Ways to immediately take charge of one’s time

10.22.2015  |  No Comments

Have you ever felt that at the end of each day you have not fulfilled any of the things you set out to do? That instead of … Continue Reading

What every student can learn from the life of Ludwick Marishane

03.25.2015  |  No Comments

What does it take to succeed in life? What does it take to break through and achieve some degree of financial independence early on in life? What … Continue Reading

How do you go about choosing a University Degree?

02.13.2015  |  No Comments

Choosing a degree programme is one of the most important decisions any individual can make. More often than not ,a degree programme is what sets the stage … Continue Reading

What every student needs to know about Open Access

12.24.2014  |  No Comments

Every Zimbabwean student in the course of doing research for an assignment or project over the internet has encountered some restrictions in accessing some journal article(s) they … Continue Reading

Why a technology fast is good for you

12.11.2014  |  No Comments

The Problem There is no doubt information technology is the best thing to have happened to this generation. Technology has definitely made our lives easier. We are … Continue Reading

Everything you need to know about attachments

11.24.2014  |  No Comments

What are Industrial Attachments? Industrial attachments are on the job training opportunities provided by industries or companies to students during their studies as part of their course … Continue Reading

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