Considering a career?Try Veterinary Medicine

05.25.2015  |  No Comments

If animals and medicine are both your passions, then one way of possibly combining the love of the two is by practicing as a Veterinary Surgeon. A … Continue Reading

What every student can learn from the life of Ludwick Marishane

03.25.2015  |  No Comments

What does it take to succeed in life? What does it take to break through and achieve some degree of financial independence early on in life? What … Continue Reading

How do you go about choosing a University Degree?

02.13.2015  |  No Comments

Choosing a degree programme is one of the most important decisions any individual can make. More often than not ,a degree programme is what sets the stage … Continue Reading

Are you a school leaver and considering a career?Try Meat Inspection

12.04.2014  |  No Comments

A meat inspector is any person who is legally registered by the Environmental Health Practitioner’s Council to perform the following duties in an approved food processing plant … Continue Reading

Everything you need to know about attachments

11.24.2014  |  No Comments

What are Industrial Attachments? Industrial attachments are on the job training opportunities provided by industries or companies to students during their studies as part of their course … Continue Reading

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