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Student testimony:My experiences applying for the Turkey Scholarship by GM

03.03.2017  |  1 Comment

  Now that the Scholarship is open what next? The application for the Turkey scholarship opened on the 1st of March 2017 online (on the official page). … Continue Reading

Distance education is an option that one can pursue

02.09.2017  |  No Comments

Distance education is defined as an “all inclusive term used to refer to the physical separation to teachers and learners”.It is a method of instruction and learning … Continue Reading

If you are going to College from High School you need to change these attitudes!

02.05.2017  |  No Comments

A great many students carry to college/university the same mindset/attitudes that helped them through high school.While some of the mindsets might have been appropriate during high school,there … Continue Reading

6 factors to consider when choosing which University to go to

01.27.2017  |  No Comments

It is important that a prospective student makes the right choice as to what University they want to go to. Making the right choice can set the … Continue Reading

The Road not taken…

11.05.2016  |  No Comments

As Student X we will be holding an event on the 26th of November 2016 dubbed the Post A Level Rally targeted at persons just finishing their … Continue Reading

Why you need to become a lifelong learner

06.21.2016  |  No Comments

If you are to stop and ask an ordinary adult when they stopped learning they will probably tell you it was after college or school. If you … Continue Reading

Fourth Industrial revolution: Africa’s great leap

02.26.2016  |  No Comments

By Xolani Ndlovu   Entrepreneur’s opportunity? Listening to the World Economic Forum’s discussion on the future of Africa and the 4 th Industrial Revolution, I could not … Continue Reading

The whole fuss about MOOCs explained.In brief!

11.29.2015  |  No Comments

*Image Twenty first century disruptive innovation will leave no stone unturned in its quest to transform or change the way we live and do things. In … Continue Reading

Everything you need to know about Electronic Engineering in one listicle

11.20.2015  |  No Comments

Electronic systems are everywhere! We interact with them all the time:in our phones, tablets, TVs,HiFis,laptops,washing machines and bread toasters as well as in numerous medical and military … Continue Reading

Considering a career?Try Veterinary Medicine

05.25.2015  |  No Comments

If animals and medicine are both your passions, then one way of possibly combining the love of the two is by practicing as a Veterinary Surgeon. A … Continue Reading

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