Student testimony:My experiences applying for the Turkey Scholarship by GM

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Now that the Scholarship is open what next?

The application for the Turkey scholarship opened on the 1st of March 2017 online (on the official page). Before you apply make sure that you read instructions carefully. Don’t wait until last day, because there might be too much traffic on the website and you won’t be able to send your application! (This was the case last year!). If you have some problems when applying, you can get assistance from Turkiye burslari.

My experience after applying for the scholarship

After applying (which was in March 2016), I waited almost 2 months for the results of the first assessment .After this first screening session there came another waiting period. The final results of our application were released at the end of August. We were then notified of which University we would go to in early September Please note: Every embassy will schedule their interviews according to their availability. I, for example had my interview in mid June. If you live or study abroad (i.e not in the country which is reflected by your passport), the interview will be at the Turkish Embassy of that particular country you will be resident at. (Of course only if you stated that you live/study abroad in your application). In case you already live/study in Turkey, you will probably have your interview in Ankara. After the final results were announced I took original documents to the Turkish Embassy. To be able to sign the contract, I also had to provide the copies of passport, A Level certificate, health report and the letter that Türkiye burslari sent me, which proved that I won scholarship. The Türkiye burslari group also sent a scholarship contract to our embassy. We had about only 2 weeks to go to embassy, submit the papers and sign the contract. At that same time the procedure for the student visa was kick started. After this step again came the waiting for the flight ticket (For me it was really a surprise, because nobody really knew, when we will travel to Turkey).At long last i finally traveled to Turkey in the second half of October and some had to travel in first half of November. I took off from Harare airport.

Motivation Letter, Interview Experience and questions

To write a good motivation letter required in the scholarship application you need to answer these questions: Why do I want to study in Turkey? Why is this important for me and my future career? How can this contribute to my career? If you can soundly reply to all these questions, then you will probably write a good motivation letter. When it came to the actual face to face interview the experience was for me quite nice. Embassy staff and Turkiye burslari officials conducted the interview. The language used was English. If you are however a person fluent in Turkish, they can speak in Turkish.. So, what did they ask ? Some of you might already be wondering.Actually they asked questions similar to those on the online application that is:.Why do you want to study in Turkey? Why is this important for you and you future career? How can this contribute to your career? However in addition they might also ask some specific questions related to your research topic (especially for MA and PhD candidates). Why do you want to study this in Turkey particularly? Another topic that one can be quizzed on are the relations between one’s country and Turkey. They can ask you something about the history of your countries or how can you contribute to better relations between your countries in case you win the scholarship. I want to encourage those who qualify to apply for this scholarship.Everything is possible!

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