Distance education is an option that one can pursue

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Distance education is defined as an “all inclusive term used to refer to the physical separation to teachers and learners”.It is a method of instruction and learning where teachers and students do not interact in a physical classroom.Tutoring is achieved by way of online interaction and distance. We are going to look at some of the reasons why distance education might be an option to pursue for some of you. Distance education might be for you when:

You are working and cannot afford to learn full time Distance education offers the flexibility that allows individuals to work and learn at the same time.This might not be possible with full time courses where students are expected to be physically available for lectures.If you are in a position where you cannot let go of work for full time study then distance education is a definite must.

Distance education is a cheaper option Traditionally distance education is cheaper than conventional or full time studying.However it is important to note that there are some costs associated with distance education such as courier fees etc that need to be factored in when comparing the cost of tuition between distance and full time studying.

Distance education offers courses not available conventionally Sometimes some individuals will opt to study at a distance education facility because a course or program they desire is not being offered anywhere else.In such cases it is prudent to go for distance education.

Distance education is part of life long learning strategy Sometimes all an individual needs is just to keep themselves abreast as part of a life long learning strategy .In this case distance education is the way to go. We encourage individuals to look at their circumstances and decide if distance education is really for them.   Below are the most popular Distance Education Institutions available to Zimbabweans Zimbabwe Open University University of South Africa

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