If you are going to College from High School you need to change these attitudes!

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A great many students carry to college/university the same mindset/attitudes that helped them through high school.While some of the mindsets might have been appropriate during high school,there is no guarantee that these will work at tertiary level. Infact,adopting a high school mentality at University is likely to lead to failure.We are going to explore what those high school mindsets are and propose new mindsets to take their place. High school attitudes

  • The “always number one” mentality-At high school we are taught and encouraged to be number one at all costs.Competition at this level is fierce.
  • The “I can do it alone mentality”-At high school its common for individuals to go it alone in academic and social life.Group work,discussions etc are not encouraged.This model is geared towards the individual and not the group.
  • The mentality to want to please authority especially teachers-at high school it is common for students to go out of their way to please their teachers.While appropriate in certain contexts,this attitude can be harmful.

The above attitudes are what I would call “high school mentality”.Students basically are taught to compete with each other in a dog eat dog kind of fashion.This leads to a whole lot of complexes such as those in the “superiority” and “inferiority” spectrum.If a student is good at out competing others he/she develops a superiority complex whereas those who are at the bottom of the pack naturally develop “no-good” inferiority mindsets.Carried from high school to young adulthood these attitudes can lead to individuals who are not well adjusted. It is therefore important for students to realize that college/university is a different environment that requires a different mindset.For example,students who bring the “always number one” mentality quickly realize that this does not work at this level.They quickly realize that everyone at college is equally as gifted if not more gifted than they are.To thrive at college the following mindsets must be developed or cultivated:

  • Collaborative attitude-students must quickly get it at the back of their minds that there is no number one at this level.It is better to compliment others academic viewpoints than compete with them
  • Humility-to succeed at this level humility is a definite must.Students at tertiary level thrive on the interpersonal interactions without which one will definitely fail.
  • Respectfully agree and disagree with people-while at high school it was common for students not to question their authorities but rather seek to please them,at University it is encouraged that students be independent enough to agree and disagree respectfully based on available evidence.

I hope this article helps those who are making their way to University this year.

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