6 factors to consider when choosing which University to go to

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It is important that a prospective student makes the right choice as to what University they want to go to. Making the right choice can set the stage for not only good grades during the course of their degree programme but overall lifelong career fulfilment. For most students-especially those who would have just finished their A -levels making the right choice can seem to be a daunting task. In this article we point out some of the factors that students must consider when choosing a University.


In choosing a University it is important to first find out if they offer the course or degree programme one is interested in. For example if a student intends studying medicine in Zimbabwe that limits one’s choice to only two colleges with Medical Faculties-the University of Zimbabwe in Harare and the National University of Science and Technology in Bulawayo. It is important that a student puts in some effort and consultation in the area of choosing a course. According to the Complete University Guide, one of the reasons students leave university early is that they would have chosen the wrong course. We will go deeper into how to choose a course in a separate article.

2)Entry Requirements

The entry requirements to a University for a particular course can be a guide as to whether a student will qualify there or not. As a general rule of thumb the better a University is perceived the higher the cut off point. A student needs to assess whether they meet entry requirements before handing in their application form. It is also worth considering that some Universities offer the same course in in parallel mode to cater for those who do not meet the exact entry requirements.

3)Tuition Fees/Expenses Before committing to an institution of higher learning students or the guardians need to realistically assess whether or not they would be able to afford the fees or expenses involved.


In choosing a University a prospective student must also consider the reputation of the University. What do employers say about the graduates of a particular college? How long has the University been in existence? What are the qualifications of the lecturing staff and teaching assistants? What does the Zimbabwe Council for Higher Education (Zimche) have to say about the courses being offered by a particular college? Does the institution have any visible research output? All these are questions one has to consider in assessing the reputation of a University.

5)Facilities A prospective student must also consider the facilities that a University has on offer.Libraries, adequate classroom space, internet access, sports grounds and campus accommodation are examples of facilities that a student might need to do a background check on before committing to a particular institution

6)Location Where is the institution one is interested in located? Is it away from home? Is it in town or in a rural setting .The location or accessibility of a University is another important consideration since it will affect expenses as well. What are some of the other factors you would consider when choosing a University?

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