What every student can learn from the life of Ludwick Marishane

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Ludwick Marishane:Image courtesy of TED

What does it take to succeed in life? What does it take to break through and achieve some degree of financial independence early on in life? What does it really take to be a global player on the world stage? Perhaps no other person in Southern Africa embodies the answers to these questions more than Ludwick Marishane.Ludwick is an epitome of what it is to be young, brilliant and focused. This post will delve into the mindset of Ludwick which hopefully every other student can emulate to become successful.

The story of Ludwick

Ludwick Marishane is a native of the Limpopo region in South Africa. At the age of 17 he and his friends were said to be sunbathing. During this siesta a friend suggested that he wished there was a product that one can simply apply to avoid bathing with cold water. This idea stuck with Ludwick and as they say, “the rest is history”.Marishane eventually materialized his friends’ wishes by developing the world’s first bath substituting gel. DryBath as the gel is now known is currently being sold to multinationals, militaries, hotel chains and development agencies. Its impact is most being felt in less developed areas of the world where water is a problem. In 2011 he was awarded the Global Student Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Google has also recognized him as one of the ‘brightest’ minds on earth. Ludwick studied for a Business degree at the University of Cape Town. His journey to his current position is laden with life lessons.

Lesson 1: To succeed use whatever is at your disposal

Some might think Ludwick had it going on (resource wise) when he developed his revolutionary product. On the contrary, Ludwick is said to have researched his idea from his old Nokia phone. He then went on to formulate his idea and eventually type a forty page business plan on that same phone. Talk of resourcefulness! In short, there is no excuse to wait until everything lines up in your life to develop your idea. Use whatever is at your disposal. One ought to exercise a bit of resourcefulness and initiative.

Lesson 2: You need to persevere to succeed

Idea formulation to product development took Ludwick almost four years. He must have faced numerous challenges and rejections in that period of time yet he never gave up. He held on to his idea through thick and thin. Perseverance is one quality that all successful people exhibit. Do you have any idea that you think is worth its salt? Work on it tirelessly and never giveup.In due course you will be rewarded for your patience.

Lesson 3: You cannot hope to succeed without hard work.

Some people seem to believe you can instantly achieve greatness without putting in the hours and hard work. These people harbor the belief that their dreams will somehow materialize out of the blue! Unlike this group Marishane seems to have understood early on that if he had to transform the world he needed to work like crazy. Research actually backs the call for hard work by suggesting that if a person hopes to mark an impact on any field they need to put in 10000 hours of work before any results. Question is are you willing to work hard and long?

Lesson 4: You cannot succeed alone

No one person can achieve success alone as an island. In your journey to fulfilling your dreams you will probably need many advisers, critics and a circle of friends for support. Ludwick networked with a wide variety of people through his connections in the global student entrepreneurship movement and locally where he had many advisers at his college. What lessons are you taking home from the journey of Ludwick? You can watch him tell his own story in this TED talk.

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