February, 2015

What every student needs to know about sleep

02.25.2015  |  No Comments

According to research, students are some of the most sleep deprived people in any population. This is due to many factors, but the one that can most … Continue Reading

Degree programmes offered by the Reformed Church University in Zimbabwe

02.25.2015  |  4 Comments

Degree programmes offered by the Reformed Church University in Zimbabwe Faculty of Commerce: Bachelor of Commerce Honours Degree in Human Resources, Industrial and Labour Relations Management Bachelor … Continue Reading

Bindura University of Science Education is offering the following degree programs

02.25.2015  |  5 Comments

Faculty of Science Education Postgraduate Diploma in Education Diploma in Science Education [Option 1-Biology, Chemistry, Physics],[Option 2-Computer Science,Mathematics,Physics] Bachelor of Science Education Honours Degree [Physics, Mathematics, Biological … Continue Reading

How do you go about choosing a University Degree?

02.13.2015  |  No Comments

Choosing a degree programme is one of the most important decisions any individual can make. More often than not ,a degree programme is what sets the stage … Continue Reading

List of Undergraduate Degree Programmes offered by the University of Zimbabwe

02.05.2015  |  28 Comments

Faculty of Agriculture BSc Agriculture Hons-with specialisation in:Crop Science,Animal Science,Agriculture Economics,Extension,Soil Science BSc Agricultural Engineering Hons BSc Agricultural Engineering Hons BSc Applied Environmental Science Hons BSc Crop … Continue Reading

List of Degree Programmes offered by the National University of Science and Technology Zimbabwe

02.04.2015  |  57 Comments

Complete List of Undergraduate Degree programmes offered by NUST in Zimbabwe Faculty of Applied Sciences Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Applied Biology Bachelor of Science Honours … Continue Reading

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