Are you a school leaver and considering a career?Try Meat Inspection

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A meat inspector is any person who is legally registered by the Environmental Health Practitioner’s Council to perform the following duties in an approved food processing plant or abattoir. Duties of a Meat Inspector

  • Performs inspection of live food animals to make sure they are disease free and fit for slaughter
  • Carries out inspection of the slaughtered food animals (meat) to make sure they are fit for human consumption
  • Ensures that the processing of meat is done in a hygienic manner and in a clean environment
  • Does the recording of information that might help health authorities combat the spread of disease from animals to man
  • Can be involved in combating the illegal movement of meat products at police roadblocks and at borders
  • Can be involved in research and lecturing at colleges and polytechnics

Attitudes,skills and qualifications needed to be a meat inspector Meat inspection is a job that is more physical than it is clerical.Meat Inspectors perform the bulk of their duties standing up,pushing animal carcasses and using knives.A typical working day can run from 7 am to 4 pm.Inspectors typically have to encounter a lot of blood from the slaughtered animals,water that is used in cleaning the food facilities and low temperatures that are used to arrest the growth of germs in the meat. To become recognized as a meat inspector in Zimbabwe one typical has to complete at least a two year Meat Inspection National Certificate with Bulawayo Polytechnic which is the only institution mandated by the Government Veterinary Department to offer the course.However anyone with a Diploma or a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science or Health or Public Health from any recognized university can be considered for registration by the Environmental Health Practitioners Council of Zimbabwe. Currently the Government of Zimbabwe through the Agricultural Ministry employs the bulk of the meat inspectors in the country.However a few can practice at private establishments.Salary can be gauged using the gazetted civil servant packages

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