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What are Industrial Attachments?

Industrial attachments are on the job training opportunities provided by industries or companies to students during their studies as part of their course fulfilment requirements. Industrial attachments are usually 12 months long and are full time engagements which can paid or unpaid. Students on attachment are exposed to the real world of work normally a year before their formal course completion. In some parts of the world these arrangements are known as internships. The industrial attachment period is a very important part of a student`s studies as it contributes to their overall credits at college. Respective faculties monitor their student’s engagement during this year long period by conducting 2 or 3 industrial assessments. A graduate who has spent time working for a firm within a particular industry during internship is more likely to have better job prospects.

Who organizes an Industrial Attachments?

Students are granted an opportunity to apply for an attachment at an organisation of their choice, failure to which the students can approach their university or college for assistance. Students are free to move from one organisation to another to gain exposure and cover sections which are relevant to their course. Places of attachment are unfortunately limited, so one has to do it right the first time by doing research and applying early to a company they believe will provide satisfactory exposure to their field of interest.

Why do attachments?

Attachments/internships are important for the following reasons.

  • They let students find out what it is like to work in a specific field.
  • Provides networking opportunities, giving students a chance of making contacts with professionals in the field.
  • Students gain academic credits by being attached.
  • Students get assistance from the experienced workers around for their final year project
  • Experiences gained can strengthens the curriculum vitae of interns. Relevant experience is often necessary before an employer consider job applications.
  • Enhances chances of getting a full-time job; employers often hire their attachés/interns for full-time employment after graduation.

In short attachments are there to give students professional experience and to earn them academic credits. There are great experiences and can get one of to a good start after graduation if taken seriously. All the best to all who just started their attachments, leave a mark that will make the organisation remember you. Where are you attached and what are have been your experiences?

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