About Us


Student X  (www.studentx.co.zw) is an initiative that was originally set up to address the need for mentorship, scholarships and or related funding for bright but otherwise disadvantaged Zimbabwean college going students to achieve their dreams. With time however the project has evolved to encompass other activities such as teaching computer skills to the most vulnerable individuals in our communities.


Student X was founded by Jeff Chivheya 2014 after the realization that a quite a high number of students lacked mentorship and funding to achieve their dreams due to the socio-economic environment that has been on the decline in Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe has been characterized by quite a high percentage of school dropouts, migration of people to other lands and the phenomena of child headed families making it ripe for our kind of social action.

Impact so far

Our main thrust as Student X since our time of inception has been mentorship and preparing students for scholarship grants and related funding that they have been receiving from different organizations. We lately we have started a program to teach computer skills to the less privileged in our communities. Below are some of our achievements:

  • One of our students, who was the first to be brought on board in our mentorship initiative graduated from University and is now employed as a Radiographer at one of our Major referral hospitals.
  • Another student, who we organized an internship place at the leading brewery in our city is now in her final year at University.
  • A student  got a scholarship to study in Turkey.
  • A student  got a scholarship to study at a local university in Zimbabwe.
  • A protege finished his high school with high distinction and is awaiting funding for his University.

A student, under our guidance and mentorship managed to develop a breakthrough Solar powered device that won the top prize money in a local competition

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